CEO of One Laptop per Child, a non-profit organization created by the MIT Media Lab that provided more than 3 million free laptops to children in developing countries for 1: 1 learning, She has worked in more than 40 countries which has provided her with in-depth knowledge of CSR, public, private and non-profit sector policies around Educational Technology for Social Impact initiatives.

Pedagogue with more than 25 years of experience in:

-the implementation and administration of EdTech programs

-research of non-formal, informal, and alternatives to formal education.

Entrepreneur and social educator.

Founder of Edularity, a global hub of experts and researchers of knowledge-seeking a paradigm shift in traditional education by:

– creating and scaling learning initiatives

– focusing on the research of learning as a complex system, through cognitive sciences

– possible adoption of open and decentralized solutions based on blockchain

Often invited as a speaker around the world to advocate for the learning science, the implementation and impact of technologies for education, self-directed learning, and Blockchain technology in education.

She has been nominated for the Excellence in Positive Change award by the Global Thinkers Forum.

Regional Education Ambassador for Latin America for the British Blockchain Association.

Researcher of Blockchain for the unschooled and the impact of self-directed learning.

Researcher of learning as a science through Cognitive Science & Complex Systems.

Specialist in the implementation and the social impact of technology for education in Latin America and Africa.