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BRIDGING Innovation at the EDGE of Education.





Edularity by Mariana Ludmila

“KNOWLEDGE is Free,  LEARNING is Joy,  Schooling is a CHOICE.”

– Mariana Ludmila –

My Mission

"Social Transformation through Learning."

I firmly believe that by empowering INDIVIDUALS to become SELF-DIRECTED LEARNERS, is how we scale SOCIAL CHANGE from the bottom-up.



I created Edularity to bridge the newest academic findings of learning, teaching, and education, to society so that they become the agents of change for social transformation by taking ownership of their own knowledge.
People in LatAm and Africa receive information about teaching and learning techniques at least 3 years after new findings have been made. The reality is that, in average, it can even take 5 years for the research to be translated into Spanish. Add 5 more years for the information to be studied and implemented. This means, research is reaching children in classrooms 10 years later after being published, just exactly when this information might be already obsolete.


Do you also think that Knowledge should be delivered freely?
Help us send experts in alternative strategies of education and Self-directed Learning to the families who need to take knowledge into their own hands because learning can't wait.
Edularity delivers information to families mainly in LATAM & Africa.